8 Best Programming Language In 2023

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A programming language is a way for the Developers or Programmer to communicate with computers and other devices(IOT) using machine understandable code.

There are many programming language available across the world, each language is created for specific features and when the language is written it is required to be translated into bytecode and machine code which the computer can then perform.

As per a data there are over 700 different kinds of programming languages which are available that can be utilised to talk to machines.

By picking and learning the right programming language and expanding your knowledge of the languages you already understand, you can improve your resume and also stand out from other candidates.

Today we have tried picking up 8 Programming Language which we feel are very popular and learning them can definitely give you an extra mileage in your career in 2023.


Python can be used effectively to create any kind of program that does not need direct access to the computer hardware. It is a general-purpose programming language based on the ABC language. It is high-level programming with an open-source that was formulated in 1991 by Guido van Rossum. This language is presented by (PSF) Python Software Foundation).

Google App Engine, Maya, Youtube, Google search, iRobot machines etc are the application and companies that assigned Python at the time of Python development. In the comparison of other languages like C, C++ this program gets slower although its development time is quick.

Features of Python

  • It has a pre-compiled code and it is comprehended, incorporated and directly executed language that means before executing your program or system you don’t have to assemble it.
  • As in comparison with other programing language like Java, C, C++ etc. it is easy and simple.
  • It has a huge standard Library and having an open source nature.
  • This program is object-oriented that is easy to learn with less amount of keyword as simple as the other language learning English .
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