How many types of Programming Languages do you know exist ???

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What Is Programming Language?

As we have already mentioned and explained programming languages in our previous blog, let’s now delve into their types. There are many different types and categories of programming languages: Procedural, Functional, Object-Oriented, Scripting, Logic etc.

A programming language is a way for the Developers or Programmer to communicate with computers and other devices(IOT) using machine understandable code.

There are many programming language available across the world, each language is created for specific features and when the language is written it is required to be translated into bytecode and machine code which the computer can then perform.

Different Types Of Programming Language

Now let us look at the different ways these programming languages can be grouped and categorised. There was many ways we can grow these languages based on their behaviour, execution style, structure and many other parameters. The diagram below shows some the common ways to define and group the programming languages as Procedural, Functional,Logic based, OOPs, Scripting etc to name a few.

Procedural Programming Languages

A computer programming languages that is formulated for writing programs and it concentrate on explaining the process that a program need to gain some target. It is best for those tasks where a big problem has to divided into smaller and find a simpler way to get the solutions. In the other word, a programming model that is based upon the concept of procedure, that means routines, functions and includes some computational steps.

  • PL/C
  • PL/I
  • HyperTalk
  • Go
  • Ada
  • Fortran

Functional Programming Languages

Functional programming languages is based on mathematical functions and avoid movable data. It utilized it’s functions as a primary building blocks of programs. Here you cannot change the data structure which is created and it is formulated when modifications…

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