Key Reasons to Become a DevOps Engineer in 2023

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Firstly, to understand why pursuing a career as a DevOps Engineer is crucial, it’s essential to have a solid grasp of what a DevOps Engineer is.

Is a Devops profile even relevant and in demand in 2023?

Sharing some data, as mentioned by Quadralogics, about the demand for Devops professionals in 2023:

There are around 1 Lakh open demands where DevOps is listed as a primary skill Out of which 10 persentage of jobs are listed in India There is a steep increase in DevOps demand in Mid- Senior level primarily attributed to the need for more DevOps Coaches or Consultants.

The demand for Devops roles and hence Devops engineer is on rise since last few years. The image below shows the median market salary for Devops eningeer in the market.

Who is a DevOps Engineer?

A DevOps Engineer is a professional who has mastered DevOps, with the primary goal of enhancing collaboration and communication within the DevOps team, a fusion of Development and Operations. The primary objective of a DevOps engineer is to streamline the software development process, ensuring that both the development and operations teams meet all requirements. DevOps engineers also help bridge the gap between the tasks needed to make an application instantly changeable and those required to make it reliable. In the latest iteration of software development, DevOps engineers play a pivotal role due to their rapid software delivery system, with a focus on security, quality, and collaboration among all team members.

In simple terms, a DevOps engineer possesses knowledge of the software development lifecycle and is well-versed in various automation tools used to facilitate the growth of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.

Characteristics and Responsibilities of DevOps Engineering

Collaboration: One of the primary responsibilities of DevOps engineers is to foster a culture of collaboration and distribute responsibilities between the development and operations teams. They also promote cooperation and communication among individuals and groups.

Automation: DevOps engineers are tasked with maintaining, implementing, and designing automation pipelines for deployment, code integration, and testing, reducing manual errors and ensuring a smooth process.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Regulating IT infrastructure in line with business code requirements, necessitating continuous monitoring. A strong grasp of development tools is crucial for writing new code.
  • Understanding customer needs and project Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), planning project activities, team structures, and collaboration.
  • Troubleshooting code bugs and resolving technical issues.
  • Creating and implementing automated processes as needed within the organization.
  • Coordinating and communicating with customers and teams.

Key Reasons to Become a DevOps Engineer in 2023

When considering a career as a DevOps engineer, you might wonder about the reasons behind it. Here are some compelling reasons:

Job Security: DevOps engineers enjoy job security because their skills remain relevant and valuable. Job security is very important for any type of job and if any job profile provide you the security then this is the best way to pursue as your career.

High Demand: DevOps engineering has gained immense popularity, with most organizations seeking top-notch DevOps engineers to achieve optimal results in software development and operational efficiency.

Good Salary: These specialized skills are highly valued in the software development lifecycle, resulting in competitive salaries. Every person has the dream to work with having good salary and this dream is fulfilled by the job od DevOps engineer.

Continuous Learning: This field offers numerous opportunities for skill development and continuous learning. Staying updated with new tools and technologies is essential. If your job profile has the power to learn you more and on a daily basis you are learning some new tools and things then this is the best reason you have to make your career as DevOps engineer.

Flexibility: DevOps skills are highly transferable across various industries, allowing you to work in diverse sectors such as e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and more.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC): DevOps engineer have to work with the tool infrastructure as code such as Ansible,Terraform etc to handle infrastructure resources in a continuous and repeated manner.

Work From Home Opportunities: Following the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work opportunities have become crucial. DevOps engineers have the flexibility to work from anywhere. This is the best way to handle your personal and professional life together and if your job profile provides you this facilities then what you need other thing. The best reason to work as devops engineer.


In 2023, DevOps engineer stands out as an excellent career choice. The reasons outlined above make it a compelling option for those seeking a bright career path as DevOps engineering.

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