Periodic Table of DevOps Tools

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5 min readSep 26, 2023

What is the DevOps Periodic Table?

It’s a framework where various DevOps tools are categorized and arranged in groups and categories based on their characteristics or roles within the DevOps methodology.

The main aim of the DevOps periodic table is to provide a visual representation that helps the DevOps teams understand the interconnected nature of DevOps practices.

In other words, it’s a grouping of DevOps tools arranged according to their abilities and costs in various categories. Some of the important and well-known DevOps tools include Jenkins, Docker, Git, Kubernetes, Puppet, Ansible, Gradle,Docker,Github etc to name a few.

The DevOps periodic table showcases the DevOps tools list across various categories ordered by their functionality and also the pricing model (Open Source, Free, Freemium, Paid, Enterprise).

Every single element in the Periodic table shows a general aspect of DevOps as like Automation, Collaboration,Continuous Integration, Monitoring, Security etc. These all elements of periodic table are merge and interact with each other to build an overall approach to DevOps (Development & IT Operational )


In the above image of the DevOps Periodic table, you can see that all the elements or DevOps tools are well arranged and categorized. Some of the tools here are very popular in the market, while others are less popular, but all tools have their own features that are beneficial for users.

It provides the visuals to the users that support the entire team as well the individuals to get to know the various components of DevOps and how these particle element relate to each other and this will also help to improve their practices and processes.

Classification of tools based on the DevOps Periodic table

The periodic table combines different DevOps tools from A to Z, categorizes them, and visualizes several tools. Let us try to understand the outline of different categories.




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